You are Watching Jester’s Night: Seriously Off Nut (2020)

Jester’s Night: Seriously Off Nut (2020)

“Jester’s Night: Seriously Off Nut” tells us a story that happened the day before – The New Year. It is the time when we wait for the wishes to come true. The picture is about our dreams that change with time and, unfortunately, become more pragmatic. The characters dedicate their lives to the career without noticing anything around them even their lovers’ worries. Living this day together with characters, a viewer understands that it is never too late to implement in life their dreams. A businessman and a housewife; a cab driver and a man-hater; a secretary and a barbershop; a director and an ordinary tutor – everyone has their own New Year. For someone it is a pleasant fuss and an opportunity to make a secret wish. For others it is an annual tradition to make fun of oneself and to laugh at others during “Jester’s Night”.

Duration: 90

Quality: HD